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Two factors prompted me to start this site, initially as a blog and now as a full-fletched site. First of all, I was very surprised to see the lack of proper online travel guides about Jharkhand when i came to the state for my under-graduate studies. Being a native of Kerala, i know there exist hundreds of good websites containing travel information about Kerala. So, I seriously started thinking, "Why can't I start a blog on this on my own ?". The second reason for launching this website is that it was in my 2nd semester in (2006-07) that I hand coded my first html page. At the time, I was extremely eager to start a website of my own. The result of these two factors gave rise to the webiste, 'traveljharkhand.com', which incidentally is also my first website uploaded in cyber space.

I have not focussed much on the design aspect of my site yet. My first aim was to collect data, which in itself is a very tedious task. Once I complete this portion (the time for which is still uncertain given that I haven't yet finished even a tenth of the work), I shall redesign the entire website, and try to make it more user-friendly and attracive.

It would be pre-mature at this stage to talk about adding hotel booking to my site right now, but I have plans to do so in the near future. I also have plans to add a free traveller's forum about Jharkhand so that people may have a common platform to disscuss about all issues related to Travelling in Jharkhand. I would like to keep this site free of advertisements as long as I can manage the funds to run this site myself. However, as time passes I think a sponsor would be necessary to sustain the site. My plan is to approach a single sponsor so that I can sustain this site without much financial burden on them.

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