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Histrory of Simdega District

Simdega falls under the Biru kingdom during the age of emperors. The kings of Birugarh, whose ancestors were from great Ganga Vamsi (Gajapati) royal family of Kalinga-Utkala empire of Orissa ruled over this region for centuries, even during the British Colonial era. The royal family still resides at Biru or Birugarh village which is situated at a distance of about 11 km from District headquarter, Simdega on N.H. 23. This region of beautiful plateau is inhabited by the simple adivasis (tribals) in great majority. This small village now evolving into a semi-township, has been popular to the missionaries, who established convents, hospitals and parishes on the lands donated by the Biru Kings and its subordinates. The missionaries on the one hand spread Christianity in this tribal region where early there were mainly nature worshipers and Hindus but on the other hand the missionary also helped in spreading the education with opening several Christian schools in remote areas.

Being in the south Bihar now Jharkhand the language has been the sweet Nagpuri - whose offshoots are the now Sadri in many forms and adaptability. Nagpuri language is the blend of two Indo-Aryan language Oriya & Angika. Other languages spoken by the local adivasi tribes are Mundari, Oraon, Khadia etc. This region is highly influenced by Oriya culture as this area was ruled by the Oriya Kings. From centuries the Kings of Biru invited Brahmin scholars from Orissa to this region & gradually these Oriya Brahmins settled in every conrner of Biru Kingdom, even in present day in remote villages of this region one can trace these Oriya Brahmins families. The Biru Kings had donated acres of land & even villages & Zamindaris to them. The other Oriya communities of this region are Vaishnava( Babaji), Goldsmith, Mahakud (Gauda or Yadava), blacksmith & Bhuiyan or Rout. These Oriya communities still follow their own traditions,customs & rituals.The business class(mostly dominated by Marwari & Baniya) seems to have its hold on the populace and are amongst the most powerful section in society. Adivasis by nature tend to avoid business as a profession. The place has also been so peace and quiet.

The schools of this area along with other Jharkhand districts has produced some eminent hockey players from this area. The development of simdega is crucial to the development of south Jharkhand. Being in the proximity to Rourkela, Orissa the region is bound to develop and cater to south Jharkhand tribal population Ranchi being away and busy hub as state capital. Ramrekha Dham is the most important tourist destination of this area. It is situated at a picturesque place on top of a hill and every year there is a big fair during Kartik Purnima. It is said, that Lord Rama along with Sita and brother Laxman has visited this place and has left his mark there. This place was discovered and developed by the erstwhile Biru Royal-family. In recent times this holy place has been made popular by the presence of holy saint Sri Brahmachari Maharaj or Ramrekha Baba, who died recently, Shri Jayaram Prapanna also famous as "Ramrekha Baba". The idols of Ram and Krishna are present in this cave shrine temple. On the rocks outside there are footmarks of Ram and Sita, a Conch Shell (Shankh) which produces the sound ram-ram, Dhanush Kund (a small pond in the shape of a bow) on the rocks. Then there is a cave named as 'Muni Gufa', where it is said that there are 5 munis still residing there in their astral form. Ramrekha Baba used to tell his story that he had met the 5 rishis when he had first come to this place. Recently after Simdega becoming the district headquarters the development of the place has picked up pace.

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